New poems in Sugar House Review, Salamander, and Canary

The world is a dark, absurd place but poetry lives, and this week, a number of my poems appeared in journals I love. It seems that I'm either not publishing anything for months or everything comes out at the same time. 

First, my poem "Dead Flags" appears in the fall/winter '16 issue of Sugar House Review. You can preview the new issue and download it here. Some time ago, I discovered the work of Ivan Grubanov, a fantastic young Serbian artist from the cultural sphere of former Yugoslavia. His work with dead/discontinued flags is what inspired this particular poem but his entire body of work is fascinating to me. Please do check it out. I hope to see him in the U.S. one of these days.  

My poem "Black Friday at Green-Wood cemetery" is out in the new issue of Salamander, which you can order here. And you can read my poem on Insta. Salamander is a wonderful journal to return to--it's great to publish with them again. All my thanks to Jennifer Barber and the other editors. 

Last of all, my poem "Red Sails" appears in the winter 2016-17 issue of Canary. I love Canary for its singular focus on environmental issues and this poem is about climate change. Read it here. Many thanks to Gail Entrekin for accepting such a sad piece. 

Poetry is a beautiful way to close out this tumultuous, dark year. I am now retreating to sleep, drink wine, and read my Olav H. Hauge. 

Happy winter solstice, happy holidays, happy new year.