Video of The World's Oldest Ship Reading

There is now a cool video collage of a reading I did a few weeks ago with the fantastic poets Joseph O. Legaspi and José Guadalupe Olivarez as part of the The World's Oldest Ship reading series at J+B Design & Cafe in Brooklyn. It was an absurdly good time and I'm grateful to everyone who came out. Thank you to J+B for hosting & keeping me warm with yuzu ginger lemon drinks. Thank you to the lovely Susan Brennan for inviting us to read, organizing the event, and being a general warm presence.

And thank you to Fumio Tashiro (Water Brain) for the musical accompaniment and for this beautiful video. You can check it out here (it's short). Music is by Julius Hoessel and Fumio Tashiro, and video projections by Miho Morita.