My poem “Jazz” is up on the Poydras Review blog this morning. 

In other, larger news, the legendary poet Mark Strand passed away last week. It’s awful and sad but I’m honored that I was able to hear him read a few weeks ago at his 80th birthday tribute at the New School. Easing into this Monday morning by Googling some of his collages, which are as dark and brilliantly luminous as his poetry. His capacity to create melancholy beauty across multiple art forms was staggering. In honor of Mr. Strand, here is an interview he did in 2012 for Guernica magazine. 

"Golden Rectangles" in Prick of the Spindle Issue 7 (Print edition)

Thrilled to announce that my story "Golden Rectangles" appears in the new print issue of Prick of the Spindle! You can pick up a copy of Issue 7 here: http://www.prickofthespindle.com/pages/pots_print.htm.

Copies will also (eventually) be available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I wrote the story after a Leonard Cohen biography binge. Before you read it, you may wish to review the lyrics to "Suzanne."

A sincere thank you to Prick of the Spindle for selecting the piece and to Cynthia Reeser for her brilliant efforts in bringing the issue together. 


"Rail Station Bohemia" in Middle Gray Magazine Issue 6

Please check out the new Middle Gray Magazine issue -- I have a poem in it.

"Rail Station Bohemia" is about Serbia, in many ways, but that is all I feel qualified to say about it. My mother claims it's her favorite of my pieces, if that sways you at all. Take a look at the rest of this awesome issue, too. 

A special thank you to Middle Gray Magazine for publishing the piece.